Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Today I had to go get some petrol. The nearest station is in Nádasd, about 4.4Km away. I had toyed with the idea of taking the bike but in this heat it was unreasonable. In the end I settled on the plan of taking the bus there and walking back.

The usual bus driver is so used to me asking for Kormend that I had a ticket there before I managed to ask for one! Got off at Nádasd and made my way in a likely direction.

Found the place easily enough and while I was standing at a pump wondering which bit did what, the bloke in the station came up. I asked for ten litres, handing him the can.

In and out in ten minutes. I put the can in a plastic bag and the bag in my back pack and off I went.

I'd just got to the turning for Halogy when I smelled petrol. I quickly got the can out of my pack and discovered that the top hadn't been tightened properly so some had spilt. Lucky I put the can in a bag.

I managed to get halfway to Halogy before someone stopped and offered me a lift! Great

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