Saturday, 6 February 2010

Credit Card Fraud!!

I went onto my Halifax credit card to change addresses when I noticed a transaction I don't remember. Since it was last week, eve I would have remembered. Especially a flight with Ryanair. Especially one way trip from Poland!

Looks like 2 poles booked a flight the day before they took off using my credit card! If Ryanair used the normal security checking stuff they couldn't have used it so they must have used my credit card number AND the security code from the physical card.

Anyway, I phoned up to contest the charge and have the card cancelled. Thank you, Mr and Mrs Polack.

Planted some tomato seeds ready for Spring, if we ever get it here. My garlic is looking quite healthy. I think they might start flowering before I get them out into the garden at this rate!

Oh, and it snowed again today. The novelty is starting to wear off.

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