Saturday, 30 January 2010

Broke Washing Machine

My washing machine no longer spins and drains so I had to grasp the nettle and just open the thing up and try and minimise the mess from the water. caught a surprising amount of the water in a bucket but had toilet the rest trickle on the floor. I used the mop to ctach as much as I could so I wouldn't have to mop up that much but stil spent ages cleaning up.

Dragged all the clothes out and put then in the shower for a rinse.

Pulled the machine out and took the covers off for a squint but nothing obvious. Turned it on and it spun as normal. "Ah", I think, "The load was too heavily". So chuffed with solving the problem I put the machine back together and put a quarter of the clothes back in. An hour later and their stuck on the spin cycle again.

I'll have to go on the net and find somewhere to buy one and deliver it here. I forsee that the Hungarian for washing machine will be branded in my memory.

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