Monday, 4 January 2010


Felt rough this morning and didn't have the strength to turn the alarm off. Had a rather wakeful night and the dreams seemed especially vivid. Probably all the toxins from whatever it is. I seem to remember arguing with a hotel Concierge for most of the night, oddly enough.

Gah! I then heard the bins going out so I leapt out of bed, put my boots on (bugger the laces, too complicated) and a coat and staggered out to the bin, dragged it to the side of the road then dragged myself indoors.

What with the Xmas break I didn't have a clue when the next bin day was. Of course its the day when you feel awful! Should have realised that and got up when the alarm went off!

Spent the rest of the day sleeping for Wales. I reckon I could have got a Gold Medal at the Sleep Olympics.

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